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Child Protection

What is Child Protection?

At Siksika Children's Services we believe in taking a holistic approach to ensure the well being of all Siksika children.

To achieve this, we offer intervention services designed to protect children from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and neglect.

Families can become involved with Siksika Child Protection Services through a variety of circumstances. When we receive a report that a child may be at risk, Siksika Children's Services assigns a caseworker to:

  • Investigate the reported abuse/neglect
  • Collaborate with the family to identify unique and individualized supports and services that will help address and heal any issues the family may be facing

siksika child protectionSiksika Child Protection. Photo by Heartfelt Media

There are some extreme situations where the child or children cannot remain in the home because their safety cannot be guaranteed.

In these circumstances, a child protection worker will:

  • Arrange for children to live with extended family (kin), foster families, or in a group home facility
  • Arrange permanent guardianship for the family
  • Arrange for independent living services for youth, and support youth

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Siksika Nation

P.O. Box 1100
Siksika, AB, T0J 3W0

Tel: (403) 734-5100

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