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What is a Foster Parent?

Foster parents can have a huge impact on the life and well being of a child in care. Siksika Children's Services can always use more foster parents who want to take on this very special and important role for our children.

Siksika foster parents take care of the day-to-day: physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs of a child in care.

A Siksika foster parent:

  • Participates in training programs that increase their ability to care for a Siksika child in care
  • Works within a supportive team that includes:
    • The Siksika child's family
    • The Siksika child's caseworker
    • Other professional or cultural supports

Who are Siksika foster children?

Siksika foster children are babies, children and adolescents who may have experienced neglect and/or abuse, and are in need of an interim home where they can feel safety and a sense of belonging while their family is in crisis.

Our children may need the help of a foster family to stay connected to Siksika culture and community.

Siksika Children Services strives to keep siblings in care together.

Can I become a Siksika Foster Parent?

Siksika foster parents come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

The Government of Alberta has the following criteria for people wanting to become foster parents:

  • Applicants that are living together must be in a stable relationship for at least one year BEFORE applying
  • You must be at least 18 years old. 
  • You do not have a child under the age of one year, and you are not currently pregnant or adopting a child.
  • You are physically and mentally able to meet the needs of a child, and you have had no major illness or trauma in the past 12 months.
  • You live in your own residence, separate and apart from other caregivers


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What steps do I take to become a foster parent?

  • Contact Siksika Children's Services
  • Complete an application. Your application must include:
    • three personal references
      • one reference must be a family member
      • two references will be interviewed
    • a medical reference:
      • a medical report stating that each applicant is capable of taking care of a child
    • criminal record check including vulnerable sector search
      • each adult in the home will undergo a criminal record check
      • each check must be done within six months of the application
      • if approved, new criminal record checks will take place every three years
    • intervention record check

      • each adult in the home must have this check
  • Twenty-four hours of caregiver orientation will be required for all applicants once the application has been processed. Classes provide an overview on fostering, and deals with topics such as:
    • Child development
    • Special needs of children in care
    • Community supports provided to foster parents 
  • After the caregiver orientation is complete, a home study will take place. A home study will determine if you are able to provide a safe and suitable home for a child. Topics of discussion will include:
    • Family history
    • Parenting skills
    • Home safety
  • If approved, you will be granted a foster home license and a foster care support worker will be assigned to you for ongoing support. 

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If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact one of our two locations and ask to speak with a Foster Care Worker:
Siksika Nation Reserve Office (403) 734-5140 
Siksika Calgary Office (403) 235-6893








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