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Kinship Care

What is Siksika Kinship Care?

In Siksika culture, extended family stretches far beyond just grandparents or uncles and aunts. A Siksika kinship caregiver can be any person who has had a significant relationship with the child and their family.

Kinship care allows a Siksika child in care to stay with a person or family that they and their family already know and trust.

What are the benefits of kinship care?

Siksika Children's Services is a strong supporter of kinship care because of its many benefits for the child and their immediate family. Some of these benefits include:

  • the experience of familiarity and continuity for the child in care
  • the child stays connected to their community and cultural values
  • the child's parents can remain hopeful that they will stay connected to their child


How can I become a kinship caregiver?

If you are an adult who has a significant relationship to a Siksika child in care, you can apply to become a kinship caregiver.

Much like a foster parent, you must first be approved by a Siksika Children's Services case worker. In order to be approved, you will have meet the following criteria under the Government of Alberta's Youth, Child and Family Act:

  • you are physically and emotionally able to take care of the child's needs;
  • you have had no major illness or trauma in the last 12 months
  • you are financially capable to take care of the child

What steps are involved in becoming a Siksika kinship caregiver?

Before the child in care can be placed with you as their kinship caregiver, you and any adult member of your household will have to complete some preliminary screening. Siksika Children's Services uses these methods to ensure that your household will be a safe and appropriate choice for the child.

These screening methods include:

  • a criminal record check
  • a child intervention check
  • a home safety check

Your application to become a Siksika kinship caregiver will also requires the following:

  • three personal references (at least one family member)
  • a medical reference
  • attendance to caregiver training

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact one of our two locations and ask to speak with a Foster Care Worker:

Siksika Nation Reserve Office (403) 734-5140 

Siksika Calgary Office (403) 235-6893


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Tel: (403) 734-5100

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